Dismals Canyon

901 Hwy 8 Phil Campbell, Alabama (AL) 35581
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Intentionally private, Dismals Canyon – in keeping with its pristine surroundings – offers a quiet and unspoiled oasis in Alabama’s last secret hiding place. A secluded wilderness filled with natural phenomena tucked deep within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Dismals Canyon – located in Northwest Alabama – is an 85 acre Natural Conservatory privately owned and operated. It is not a State Park or National Park. However, it was designated a “National Natural Landmark” in 1975 by the National Natural Landmarks Program. NNLs are administered by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior.

Through the heart of the canyon flows “Dismals Branch”, a winding stream that enters the canyon with a roar through “Rainbow Falls”. A 1.5 mile hiking trail on the canyon floor follows the stream through skyreaching boulders, past thundering waterfalls, into a secret world of mossy-green and pearl gray filled with ferns and giant trees.

Along with hiking the canyon floor, and swimming – Romantic Cabins can be rented, Secluded Campsites are available, and a Country Store offers supplies and Indian wares.

Guided night tours allow visitors to view the glow-in-the-dark creatures known locally as Dismalites.

Map of Dismals Canyon

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